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Who We Are


Wanting to learn the trades in a hands-on learning experience.

Wanting to learn how to learn better and retain more.

Wanting to improve their earning power and marketability to employers and customers.


IDEA'L will prepare you for a career path in construction trades using a comprehensive curriculum that teaches you many trades through constructing tiny modular homes. This hands-on teaching method allows you to learn and understand every aspect of the home-building process, thus expanding your employment opportunities after completion of the program.

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Accelerated Education

Our 6-month program has expert instructors who provide hands-on education and teach the skills you need to become a successful tiny home builder. Gain a competitive edge in the job market and start building with confidence.

Low Cost Education

Get a fresh start with our LOW COST  education program. Complete the 6-month program and receive a quality education without any debt. Gain the skills and knowledge for a successful career, without worrying about tuition costs.

Hands-On Learning

Our school offers hands-on learning through building tiny homes, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. By working together, they gain responsibility, construction and design skills, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.



At our Education, we prioritize teaching construction skills for job security. We teach carpentry, masonry, and electrical work for a solid foundation, and emphasize safety. Our students gain knowledge and experience, finding reliable work in the industry with confidence in their skillset.

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We believe the best learning technique is to build confidence through
experiences that will be recalled when challenges arise in the future.

Clay Abernathy, CEO

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