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Meet Erolgene Desir, who became profoundly deaf at age 3. His great desire is to attend Idea’l Institute to follow in the footsteps of his late father, who was in construction.  


For Erolgene to safely attend Idea’l Institute (A six-month construction program), he must have two translators with him at all times. Having this resource of translators with him will cost nearly $20,000. Therefore, Eurolgene is  asking for the community to help with financial support so he can be part of the program, as he does not have a family to support him.  

Throughout Erolgene's life, he has needed to find ways to work with being hearing impaired, but one of his biggest challenges was at one of his jobs, the Silver Bay job in Alaska. He was working with a large group of people without an interpreter. He knew he would need a solution to show that the communication barriers didn't stop him from trying to perform the job.     After building solid relationships with co-workers, he got promoted to the lab department. His experience in Alaska has shown a strong demonstration of a person who will not let barriers stop them from working hard to build and grow new skills in different areas.

Join us in helping Erolgene break barriers and make his dream come true of becoming one of the first deaf license contractors. 

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