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IDEA'L INSTITUTE is on a mission to fill the extreme need for future trade jobs and to create affordable housing. We have developed a solution that makes stellar individuals with the skillset and mindset that rebuilds the trades industry. Alongside this, we have created a housing solution that is affordable and flexible for so many families and businesses. We are looking for investors to become part of this solution and fill this massive need nationwide.  

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The Facts

Our company was valued at $5 million in January of 2022, and a recent 3rd party evaluation this August put us at $52.3 million. With us raising the right capital, we should be able to continue this growth over the next four years, making us a billion-dollar company by 2026. 

  • By 2023 the U.S. will be lacking 2 million construction workers.

  • From Now until 2030, 10,000 baby boomers each day will hit retirement, and craftsman skills did not get passed on to the upcoming generation.

  • The average college student is in debt till their mid 40's. 

  • Electricians provide light when everything is dark.

  • Carpenters keep your structure standing.

  • We have home preorders of $6 million within five weeks of selling our tiny homes.

  • We have a proven method of taking this across the nation with high market demand.

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