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Hands-On Learning




Students Learn The Following:


  1. Sheathing and Exterior Weathering (32 hours)

  2. Insulation (10 hours)

  3. Subfloor Sheathing (15 hours)

  4. Framing Foundations (32 hours)

  5. Framing Exterior walls (37.5 hours)

  6. Framing Interior walls (37.5 hours)

  7. Hanging Sheetrock (37.5 hours)

  8. Sheetrock Taping (37.5 hours)

  9. Texture (24 hours)

  10. Interior Painting (16 hours)

  11. Exterior Painting (16 hours)

  12. Rough Electric (37.5 hours)

  13. Water Heater Installation (12 hours)

  14. Rough Plumbing Kitchen (28 hours)

  15. Rough Plumbing Bathroom (37.5 hours)

  16. Rough Electrical Basics (37.5 hours)

  17. Rough Electrical Kitchen (37.5 hours)

  18. Rough Electric Bed and Bath (37.5 hours)

  19. Roofing (37.5 hours)

  20. Cricket Systems with Roofing (27 hours)

  21. Exterior Siding (30 hour)

  22. Electrical Trim Interior (16 hours)

  23. Electrical Trim Exterior (8 hours)

  24. Electrical Panel Install (8 hours)

  25. Junction Box Connections (8 hours)

  26. Cabinet/Countertops Installation (37.5 hours)

  27. Tiling (28 hours)

  28. Vanity Installs (8 hours)

  29. Plumbing Kitchen Trim Install (8 hours)

  30. Plumbing Bathroom Trim Install (8 hours)

  31. Hvac Install Mini Splits (24 hours)

  32. Flooring Installation (37.5 hours)

  33. Carpentry trimout (37.5 hours)

  34. Window and Door installation (37.5 hours)

  35. R-62 Licensing (37.5 hours)

  36. Osha 10 (10 hours)

  37. Intro to construction (8 hours)

  38. Weatherization (16 Hours)



  • Life skills

  • Motivation

  • Build wealth

  • Other - 50 ways to improve yourself



 Advanced Specialty Programs will be coming soon in the following areas:

  1. Drafting/Blueprints

  2. Concrete/Masonry

  3. Electrical

  4. Plumbing

  5. Roofing

  6. Entrepernual 

Coming Soon
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Honesty - "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." Thomas Jefferson
Honesty is the most important characteristic you can possess. First, you must be honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself requires that when you see things in your life that need improvement, take an honest look and fix them. Second, you must be honest with others. Being honest with others means, no matter the outcome you will be upfront, truthful and forthcoming to all people you meet. It takes years to build trust, but only seconds to destroy.

People - Be aware of what others are doing around you. This includes taking note of what others are doing, and thinking about how that will interact or not interact with what you plan to do. This includes your actions and your words. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

Surroundings - Be mindful of your surroundings. "We are what we see. We are products of our surroundings." Amber Valletta. Surround yourself with positive role models and clean environments. This will help you be the best you can be.

Cleanliness - "Neatness and cleanliness is not a function of how rich or poor you are but that of mentality and principle." Ikechukwu Izuakor. Keep things clean yourself - keep yourself clean and smelling good. Keep your clothes clean and make sure they fit properly to your body. Loose fitting clothes can cause damage to you and others around you. Be sure to wear the proper clothing for the job. You are responsible for your own cleanliness.

Workspace - Be aware of your work area. Specifically, think about who or what might come into your workspace. Take precautions to ensure nothing in your workspace can be affected by anything or anyone. Always clean up after you are done. There is always time to clean up properly. Put tools away where they belong (tools left out are expensive to replace). Sweep up all debris, whether or not you made the mess.

Tools - Be mindful of how your tools work and what they will do before use and after use. If you feel you are working harder than you should, you might have the wrong tool or are using the tool incorrectly. Tool safety is of utmost importance. Tools will work better if you keep them clean and maintained.

Maintenance will help your tools last longer and complete jobs in the appropriate time. Take care of your tools and they will take care of you.

Your Health - Be aware of the food and substances that you put inside your body. It is easier to maintain a strong work ethic when your body has the proper energy that will be produced from good wholesome food. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises or any worksites.

Your mouth - Contrary to popular belief, a construction site is not an acceptable place for foul language. If you need to use offensive language, it is only acceptable to do that by yourself. No one is impressed by someone who can only communicate with an unclean mouth.

Persistence - Be persistent in all things that you do no matter the opposition or the difficulty. Substantial things take time. Remember nothing worthwhile is ever easy and nothing easy is ever worthwhile.

Curiosity - “Curiosity didn’t kill the cat” it helped him navigate through an ever changing world. Take time to observe your surroundings with a sense of curiosity: Ask why it needs to be that way and how it is done. You may discover a better, more efficient way of doing something that has been done a certain way for years: Just because that’s the way it has always been done.

Confident Humility - It is the confidence to be a great leader and make the right decision while acknowledging that you need others to be successful and accomplish goals. It’s knowing what you don’t know and having trust in what you do. It’s having faith in your strengths, while also being aware of your weaknesses. It’s accepting that you might not have the required knowledge, but enough confidence in your ability to acquire that knowledge. It is the ability to listen and discern when advice is being given. It is the confidence to not have to argue whether you are right and the humility to do it someone else’s way.

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